Message posted by Ron on May 10, 2006 at 15:28:47 PST:

Lone Wolf,
I've heard the hand off procedures many times from LAS ATC to Nellis and Nellis to what is called "control". My guess this is the ATC service that covers the R4808 airspace.
And you are correct when they get handed off from Nellis. They are told frequency changed approved and no frequency is said on the air.

My reply was really about why on these tracking websites you see these flights disappear. You almost never see a complete flight. And after hearing about this tie-in facility I was thinking these flights must get filtered some how at TKM. And maybe thatís why these flights disappear from these tracking sites. Because the flight plan was forwarded to the TKM filtered. Then the tracking sites and civilian radar gets no more data. And with no data to keep updating these websites just show the flight stopped in midair and so they timeout after the schedule arrival time. Hence why you see these flights disappear. I think it must have something to do whith with KTKM and the TKM tie-in facility.

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