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Message posted by Alex on April 15, 2006 at 13:19:43 PST:

Whoever thinks that area 51 (or indeed papoose) holds alien technology is a fool and should have their heads seen to.... It seems that good old bob lazars influence has spread further than we think.........Even though we would be fools to think that there isnt life out there in the universe, i dont believe they have visited earth (come on, who would want to?:) and i certainly dont believe that groom is where they would hide such things. I believe all "UFO'S" are just other black projects. Im guessing Groom may have held disc shaped black projects (?), but no aliens or secret forms of propulsion or indeed funny laser gun thingies.
Still, i know someone who thinks its possible to go for a liesurely stroll past the cammos and go and visit the groom base. He thinks its rubbish that you cant go and see the base, believes that "area 51" is in the index of an atlas, and thinks its possible to be like someone off the matrix and dodge all those M16 bullets. I just said good luck, buddy :)

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