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Message posted by The Major on April 14, 2006 at 18:56:46 PST:

Look what I found in the Guestbook:
All of you who say UFOs are nonsense are incorrect. You should do some "research" like I've done for the past 6 years. I'm not saying there has ever been alien technology at Area 51, but on the other hand, you can not say for sure that there hasn't been, hence the great security and secrecy factor. If you do more research on UFOs, you might see how Area 51 would be a prime location to study, reverse engineer, and recreate alien type aircraft. Some people are so ingnorant it's sickening...
King James
If there was ever solid proof that Area 51 does not tinker with alien technology, this website is it. From the spectacular pictures taken from Tikaboo, to the relentless scrutiny of the area by those who live near it, and the obvious wealth of high-tech and insider knowledge possessed by the forum participants, if there was a reverse-engineering project going on, you would have heard it here first.
The point is, Area 51 would be the LAST place the government would play with such toys if they wanted to keep an ultra-tight lid on it. Sure, there is a lot of well insulated (in terms of miles) infrastructure in place there, and they do a good job keeping things under wrap, but the facility draws entirely too much attention. If something like that does exist, there are places on this continent far more suitable for hiding such a project than southern Nevada.
So... King, baby! Untie the knot in your underwear! There are plenty of tangible, and way cool, TERRESTRIAL things going on at 51 to enjoy!

The Major


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