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Message posted by James on February 22, 2006 at 19:47:43 PST:

I live near Fairchild, in Spokane, and heard the same thing, I saw the aircraft and although in a different shape than described on the website, made no irregular moves like suggested on the website. It is possible it could be a secret test aircraft because it was white and had no ident. marks on it. To describe it, it was about the size of an Embraer regional jet, but appeared to have lacked the tail mounted engines and the tail, and made touch-and-go's at Fairchild. It made few radio transmissions, but the ones i did hear did seem somewhat suspicious, and all traffic at GEG was stopped for about 10 minutes. Specifically Horizon Air Flight 4308 from Denver, which was instructed to go around at about 7 miles out, it returned about 15-17 minutes later. I live on the West Plains just about 8 miles out of Runway 5 and have a WONDERFUL, and when i say wonderful i mean wonderful, view of all traffic at Fairchild. I believe it was a test aircraft because when I asked a friend today, who is stationed at Fairchild, if he knew anything about it, he said he can't say anything. So, it is possible it is a secret aircraft.


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