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Message posted by Sundog on February 25, 2006 at 8:13:40 PST:

Actually, it does make sense they would do that, if it is an aircraft that has become operational, and isn't just a test aircraft. As some Generals said about the F-117A, they wouldn't be able to include it in their battle plans if they didn't know it existed.

It partly would depend on what the aircraft's mission is. If it's just strategic, like recon, then there probably would be a very limited need to know and could probably be kept relatively hidden. However, if it's designed to work with other military assets, then the only way to make sure everyone who needs to know can operate with it/integrate it properly is to actually use it in training.

Also, one of my friends and his USAF buddies, who were stationed at Nellis in the 80's said they saw classified aircraft fly over Nellis at low altitude in the daytime and they still won't tell me what they saw. Although I think they were decribing Tacit Blue, based on what little info they've given me. BTW, they weren't referring to F-117A's, because I know they saw those at Nellis in the 80's and one of them actually use to fly out to Tonopah every week because he was a mechanic on the F-117A when it first became operational.

Don't forget, as Steve Douglass pointed out down forum, Fast Movers have been spotted flying out of Yakota, Japan, reportedly for recon work over North Korea.

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