Re: Ethics, Intercepting, and National Security

Message posted by Magoo on October 14, 2000 at 09:12:55 EST:

...and even if they were government, do you honestly think sites such as this would be giving them information they don't already have?

If the countries that were interested didn't have sophisticated surveillence methods, then it is also likely that they wouldn't be able to do anything with the information they found out anyway.

And anyway, what if the Russians or the Chinese (or Osama Bin Laden, or whoever...) did find out about the 'Switchblade', or about 'Aurora', or.... 'whatever', from us or elsewhere? It's not as if they're in a position to go out and build something to counter it, even with a generation!

Many countries would pay thousands of people megabucks every year to come up with all sort of dream machines and other possibilities, but being able to put them into practice is another matter. Only the USA has the money, and only the USA and perhaps also the UK have the means and know-how to make these dreams happen!

As an outsider, I believe these aircraft are hidden in a black budget more so if they are a spectacular failure, then the average 'Joe P Citizen' won't be too wise to it and kick up a fuss about his taxpayers dollars being wasted.

I personally feel the days of keeping them top secret as they did in the cold war are over. There is no real enemy any more who is capable of countering such machines, so there is no real national security reason to keep them secret.


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