Re: silent jet development

Message posted by Gary Sellani on September 25, 2000 at 13:05:25 EST:

You always have to ask "What is the mission?", that is, do you need the product, device, system, etc. I don't think a silent plane would be handy fighting military targets since they have radar anyway. Now drug interdiction and civilian control would be aided by a silent plane, but a silent helicopter would be a much more likely goal for those missions. The local police get the jet helicopters because they are quieter since they don't have a tail rotor.

Incidentally, a few have heard what can only be described as a very loud plane being tested at Groom. I was parked at the "catcus" gate near Cedar Pass Road logging radio trunking channels and heard an engine that sounded like thunder, but the roar just kept on coming, while thunder dies away. At the time I heard it, Green Flag was going on, so I can assume they were only doing an engine test, certainly not flying. The noise lasted about a minute.

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