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Message posted by Richard on September 25, 2000 at 12:54:14 EST:


Can you describe the aircraft to me please?
If it was a 'fighter aircraft ' flying extremely low and skirting the hill tops then it probably just a normal aircraft.
At certain speeds and distances for that matter, jet noise comes about at different amplitudes.
Coming towards you and speed it will be silent until its nearly on top of you or even past you.

At a few thousand meters away side on, the noise of the jet can also appear silent.
I sit on the hill nearby my town all the time watching military action in and over the vallies. Alot of the time i dont even know they are there until its too late or if i had heard them on the scanner previously.

It would be Extremely difficult to develop a 'silent' JET engine.
Hushkits do minimise the jet noise but hardly enough and fighter aircraft would probably not have these baffles fitted.
If reheat is used then it would be certainly impossible to have a silent engine (if reheat is a factor that is).

The engines if silent would have to be very contained, even the exhaust.
I do not think that today we have silent engines. However i do believe that the PDWE is being developed.
A NASA Design concept for the actual engine is already on this site on my Black programs page. So it a feasable to say they 'have' gone ahead with such projects, possibly still being developed or maybe at present mothballed, who knows.

If you saw this jet fighter, then it would be a great help in describing its features and configuration.

Richard C

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