Re: silent jet development

Message posted by Richard C on September 26, 2000 at 12:34:01 EST:


A loud roar of jet noise like that , that goes on for a good few seconds is characteristic of a Runway ground test.
Go to flight test centers around the world and you'll see aircraft with full afterburners ground testing by doing ground runs, either along the taxi-way without reheat or along the runway with reheat.

If noise like that is being heard from the base Behind the hills, and out of line of sight, the noise must be extremely loud at the base itself.
What ever it is, it has 'extremely' powerful engines with reheat. Reminiscent of the Meinrad Eberle Sighting. (huge engine nozzles and reheat).

Either that, or they are testing rocket engines there.
You will hear noise like that near Edwards AFB, where most of todays rocket engines for the air force Titans and others are tested. Extreme noise that at times shakes the ground.


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