Re: 1m Sat Photos - evidence of underground bases?

Message posted by Richard on September 23, 2000 at 06:20:01 EST:


Why would Red Flag results be top secret?
Some results are given out to aviation magazines etc and other publications i believe.
I dont see why a top classified location in Las Vegas which operates in the guise of a normal everyday office or something would 'hide' results of Red Flag.

If it does 'hide' the results of Red Flag, then thats probably not jsut whatits used for. As Red Flag results are 'not' that important to national security.
They are only exercises.

There are probably 'many' buildings like that of which Tom Mahood just described. Los Angeles prob has a few seeing as alot of aviation development contractors reside there. aswell as other things.

There's a base facility in the U.K which ius called Ruldloe Manor, it is where the Royal Air Force Police are trained and underneath the base is a huge tunnel complex similar to that i described in this htread but the roof of the tunnels are much lower. These are not used anymore but the base above is(for RAF Police)
So it shows that places that are used for normal everyday operations above do have secret facilities underneath. albeit closed now.

As with Helendale:
The silly rumour that Tom was referring to (aliens) was that someone bunk came up with a story that there was a 45 story deep complex underneath Helendale and that Aliens could walk to Edwards AFB and back.

Lets not forget the stories of Dulce. It was probably the same person who made that crap up about a shoot out between Aliens and Secret Agents underground Dulce which resulted huge casualties on 'both' sides!
The huge underground complex stories seem to come from the usual UFO Watchers. Just take a look at most of the UFO websites.


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