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Message posted by Richard on September 09, 2000 at 18:52:01 EST:


Aircraft out of Edwards do not always operate in the R-2508 complex. Ive watched aircraft out of Edwards flying no where near the R-2508.
Aircraft out of Palmdale regional Airport get very close to Edwards Airspace. As does aircraft going in and out of Mojave airport.

If the jet was going from LAX to another airport then the F117 was on a flight out of Edwards airspace.
It happens, everyday for that matter, except with other aircraft.

They are making such a BIG DEAL out of this , because it was an F-117A...if it had of been a T-38 or whatever, not such a big deal would of been made.

Seeing as no one was hurt and this happens regularly, shall we call this thread a day?


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