Re: If horses could talk.. (now F15 Crash #1) (now f16 crash)

Message posted by Gary Sellani on August 30, 2000 at 01:09:52 EST:

I saved this post from milcom regarding the F16 crash, and have asked the poster if he has any more information regarding the location of the crash.

Regarding finding airplane parts, maybe a metal detector is something to add to the Groom "visitors" toolbox. I knew someone who had one of these detectors and would hit the beach looking for wedding bands and rings. He claimed you could differentiate between the various types of metal. [The only thing that comes to mind is different metals have different electromagnetic permiability (sp), if you recall your physics.]

Apparently, on August 8 sometime late afternoon,two F-16's from the 422TES
collided on the Nellis ranges. One aircraft RTB'd Nellis while the other was
destroyed.Both pilots are OK.This happened during a Green Flag exercise.A SAR
effort was begun with the following aircraft and frequencies;

BOAR 2 A-10 57WG orbiting crash site
RESCUE 8 HH-60 66RQS to pick up survivor
RAMBO 2xF-15C 57WG launched to relieve BOAR 2 and provide info back to base

282.8 CSAR
259.0 JOLLY Ops 66RQS
377.8 "Blackjack' w/w RAMBO
303.2 'Bullseye' SOF

Haven't seen anything about this in the paper yet,but has been reported on
the radio.

Dan Stijovich -
Somewhere West of March Field

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