What is left to hide?

Message posted by Wanting to dream again on September 12, 2003 at 20:59:23 PST:

I have one question that does not go away...what would be wrong with showing us what they have? Or at least something new. I just feel there is no more push to invent, to lead, to go faster, farther, higher. The gov I feel keeps things to secret for the wrong reasons. What happened to kids wanting to grow up to be a spacemen or test pilots instead of the shortstop for local major league baseball team. All the kids see are the failures or disasters.

Oh I forgot we need to keep things secret for our enemies. Does the new enemy really care what goes on at area51, or what the new secret name of the so called black project that might or might not exist is? I am not saying open the base and reveal our secrets of how the things are made, I am just saying there is so much more to be gained by showing and demonstrating to the public what their money goes for instead of hiding and having conspiracy theorist make stupid stories up. What is left to hide? Something that goes Mach 15 instead of Mach 5??? Does Osama really care? Does most of the people in world really care? Maybe they would if they knew what it really meant. I think you can make them shake in their boots more if they see pictures and hear stories of functionality or . What does the sound of sight unseen jet do to someone on the battlefield anymore, nothing. Does an enemy really care what is going to kill them from the air, no because they won't even hear it anymore before they are dead, and they know this so they try their best to work around it. Also everyone knows a picture of cricket can be taken if needed from 120000 feet and that a secret plane can fly faster and higher and farther, big deal to the enemy.

Do you all see where I am going with my thoughts? Those of us who love this stuff are the only ones in the world who really care. The only people anything is really hidden from are those of us peons who diligently look to the sky at every vapor trail, straining our eyes hoping to see that ever-elusive new thing. Just the other day going to work I saw three planes flying in formation above Ft Worth. They were in formation and each plane was creating four trails each. They were so high I could not make out what they were but assume they were B52s or the like from the size of the trails. That was enough for my d_ _ _ to get hard.

Every country in the world knows we have the fastest, the greatest, the invisible, the most lethal. With that said what is there left to hide? vs. what is there left to gain. My son just tonight installed the encyclopedia on the computer. He searched a few things to see what it was all about and came across JFKs speech of "we choose to go the moon". He listened then promptly proceeded to search for more information without second thought. Where are the inspiring politicians, the dreamers, the adventurers of today when you need them..trying to be politically correct so as not offend someone, or nicely hidden away working on "black" projects that no one will ever know about, or who is worked on them until the people themselves are dead. What is the sense of it all....


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