Re: What is left to hide?

Message posted by vince white on September 16, 2003 at 9:25:25 PST:

Wanting to dream again;
Spending months researching & writing on the
subject of field propulsion, I can confidently
say; have faith, the extreme secrecy will end.
The GRASP/GREENGLOW publicity, and the MITRE
GRAVITY WAVE conference in May are harbingers.
Other nations will force disclosures, gravity work is international. Whether it be the WARTON BAE special project site in the UK with it's escorted FTs or Dugway Utah, evidence of operational field propulsion is openly available. Tejon's past testimony is also part of the historic record. We will see what has been flying out of AF PLANT 10 SW in the middle of the night,glimpsed by for example in 93 by a NORTHROP employee ,an oblate spheroid that disappeared into the eastern sky in seconds. Have faith, secrecy will end and we'll go to Mars in days with a hum not a roar--yes we've got the delta V. Patience , American pride will return. Field Propulsion student. Vince

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