Re: SU-37 Demonstration MPEG

Message posted by Andrew on February 19, 2003 at 0:32:00 PST:

I have always been impressed by their manoeverability, especially when I saw either the 27 or 37 at an airshow and saw the "cobra" (I think that's what they called the pullup but it was certainly snake related).
However, I consequently came to learn that only the aircraft flying the shows could pull this to the extreme levels demonstrated due to various upgrades to airframe and engine for the "wow" factor, production versions being less arobatic.
To this day I don't know if that was scuttlebut or propaganda but it's worth bearing in mind when discussing these beasties, although thrust vectoring, especially in the 3D that the Russians use is an excellent technology for enhancing manoeverability, especially where even the West's latest only vector in 2D

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