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Message posted by Richard C on February 19, 2003 at 15:36:47 PST:

The Mig29 was the first aircraft to do that 'Cobra' manoeuvre and it was banned at many european airshows due to the very slow recovery speed at the altitude the pilots do it at. Not a lot of space to recover if something does go wrong (and it has).
The Su-27 is the favourite at airshows nowadays for the same manoeuvre. Here in europe i guess we see the Russian birds more than the Americans or Australians at their own airshows.
The Su-37 showed its stuff at Paris, as did the Su-30MK which crashed during its display.

The Russians have been into 3D TV for years, and are way ahead in TV technology than the west.
The Su-35 also had TV along with the Su-37 canard foreplanes which also improve its already unmatched agility.

There was talk of developing the EJ200 turbofan (fitted to the Eurofighter Typhoon) into a 3D Tv engine. Now that BAe Systems owns most of SAAB, they were really considering putting an advanced 3D TV EJ200 to a SAAB JAS39 Gripen making it more agile than the F22 by far.
I havent heard anything for quite a while in the EJ200 development phase of 3D TV but im sure they will NOT go ahead with it. (they dont need to, the typhoon is already extremely agile, ive seen it).

Just for the record, the 'COBRA' is now allowed at UK airshows after a long period of banning it.
I was at a free airshow near me a few years ago hastily waiting the Su-27 to appear. All of a sudden we saw a speck coming in from the English Channel, it was the number 1 pilot of the russian airforce and he took just TWO HOURS to fly from Moscow to the South West of England via France. a pretty amazing acheivment. He still had enough fuel to do a reheated display and then return to Jersey for refuel.

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