Re: Mysterious Sonic Booms in Florida

Message posted by DaveB on November 02, 2002 at 18:09:12 PST:

I'll agree, it wasn't a "Civil aircraft sonic boom", but the conclusion that it must be "classified" seems a bit of a stretch. There are a lot of military related sonic booms in the US which are not classified. No doubt many of you have spent some "Red Flag" time in Rachel and have heard them, even though Sand Spring Valley is supposed to be a quiet zone. And unless they cause damage, they're ignored.

But I'll agree, it most likely was military. The FAA knows it was, and hence won't bother to investigate further. Even the miliary involved may not know for sure who caused the boom, but they will find out. The pilot who broke Mach 1 probably will undergo some serious debriefing and the Air Force or Navy will take care of any diciplinary action. And they'll probably make restitution for any damage claims caused by the booms. But I doubt they will make it public, even to local law enforcement officials, unless some reporter is able to ask some very specific questions.

Dave Bethke

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