Re: Mysterious Sonic Booms in Florida

Message posted by Aaron Johnson on November 02, 2002 at 15:13:05 PST:

h'mm there are 2 instances that indicate that is definintly a "classified" military operation.

Item 1 quote:
Contacts at the area's >>[FAA control towers]<< said
>>[they're not investigating]<<, but they also heard reports of the booms. It seems, for now, people will be left to wonder.

Item 2 quote:
Sheriff's dispatchers said >>[they were told]<< the booms were created by the Navy Blue Angels, who were rehearsing for an air show in Jacksonville, but the Blue Angels and Jacksonville Naval Air Station
>>[denied the report]<<.

in regards to the sheriff's This is a classic dis or mis information campaign to calm down the public and quell any controversy concerning the booms and the sheriffs were told by who?

For the FAA towers not to invetsigate is typical of known "classified" military operation overflights. There was one incident concerning a classified military operation and tied too the chemtrail phenomena in which the investigator asked the local FAA tower about any military operations at first there was denial as if no investigating was going too happen too boot, then the investigator pursued and asked of this was classified operation the answer was yes by the tower represenative.

Norio is correct
FAR Sec. 91.817 - Civil aircraft sonic boom.

(a) No person may operate a civil aircraft in the United States at a true flight Mach number greater than 1 except in compliance with conditions and limitations in an authorization to exceed Mach 1 issued to the operator under appendix B of this part.

If it was! an approved civil, over mach operation, the tower would state soo!.

Regards Aaron J.

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