Target Airstrip in RR Valley East of Reveille Peak

Message posted by Steve Hauser on October 21, 2000 at 15:22:51 EST:

Has anyone ever been to this old target airstrip? I would suspect it was scratched into the desert soil in the early 1940s, about the same time as the one to the northeast of Groom Lake, when this area was part of the bombing range. See the link for the terraserver version (it's the faint v-shaped item in the center of the frame). It is also visible on the USGS Cactus Flat satellite image map. It may not be easy to see from the ground. We didn't look very hard when we were in the area. There might be spent .50 cal shells in the area, though, one of which I did find at some distance from this site during the Reveille hike.

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