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Message posted by Tom on July 09, 2002 at 18:04:10 PST:


Access to the F-4 site (I assume we're talking about the same site) is only from the
north end of the Mormon's. There is ONLY one route anywhere near it passible by normal
4wd vehicles. There is another (unexplored) possibility, but it would only be possible by
motorcycle, and would involve a nasty foot climb at the end. The "normal" route passes though
forests of cholla, and is very slow 4 wheeling.

You should be able to drive the entire railroad route without having to cross any of the
old bridges you mention. Look for the dip crossings. Sometimes the best route isn't the
most obvious one. I never cared much for this route in, and only used it
when I had to access an area off of it. Otherwise I'd come in off I-15, then up the east
side of the Mormons, or else up Kane Springs Wash.


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