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One "risk" I hadn't anticipated is driving over unsafe bridges near the southern parts of the Meadow Valley Wash. What happens is your driving on the road and see a bridge, only to notice it is a piece of crap, so you stop hopefully in time. Then you notice there is a dirt road to the side that gets you around the POC bridge. One of these may be where Tom sunk his truck. There must be a dozen of these bridges. Anyway, when you are on the dirt road, you can look up that the bridge to see the word CONDEMNED stenciled on the side of the bridge. Of course, there is no barrier to prevent some fool from driving across one of these bridges.

I haven't got Walt Ray's death certificate (one of Tom's clues), so I don't know if you really need to drive on the southern portions of the Meadow Valley Wash. If you don't need to go there, I would avoid it. However, the F4 crash near Mormon Peak sounds tempting. The alternative is to approach the area from the south, which requires four wheeling in the Moapa Indian reservation land, which in itself is a challenge. I had to get out and rebuild part of the road to make it passable. [I keep a military style folding shovel in the truck, but could have used a pick too.]The deal is in Moapa, there are washed out roads, but many alternate paths exist. It is like travelling through a mine field (ok, an exaggeration). If you knew which road to take, you might not encounter any washed out roads. However, there are no markings to indicate which path is better, and all the paths had fresh tire tracks. There is one very sandy spot to travel along the way which is kind of fun. I had the tired aired down for other reasons, so I don't know if the sand would cause a SUV with regular tire inflation to get stuck.

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