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Message posted by gary on July 09, 2002 at 22:12:20 PST:

I never took any of those bridges. I was just warning someone who perhaps wasn't too observant that there are dirt paths around the bridges.

I downloaded a hiking trip story from some guys who approached the F4 crash site from the west, though I know of that road from the north. I'll dig up the post and email it to you. They didn't pay their ISP bill so the website is dead. I would love not to drive on those rocks near the railroad tracks. It was an adventure, but I but they are hard on your tires. Given that both Dave B and yourself like that east side of the Mormons route, I'll give it a try. Incidentally, there is terraserver coverage of Mormon Peak, but spotting a crash site from above isn't always that easy.

It is very interesting how all these remote areas that you think nobody has visited have been visited often. Mormon Peak is apparently a pretty popular hike. Mount Irish was explored in the late 1890s by Carl Purpus, and just last year by some students from Green Bay. The story that cracked me up was Steve Hauser climbing Reveille Peak, only to find a log book at the top to sign.

I think there is a meteor site on the topo map near Base Camp, a bit to the east.

Regarding other crash sites, isn't there an A12 crash site in Utah? I think that was the sight where they dropped a chopped up F4 on the area to distract the trophy hunters.

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