Why there is no Mach 3 fighters

Message posted by Fuel Fraction on April 30, 2002 at 19:48:28 PST:

I think, if there had been any black project Mach 3 US fighters in operation, such as the Centennial or something like the Swing wing A-17 Northrup or any other, September 11 would never have happened.

Kelly Johnson had pointed out that it would take only 3 wings of Mach 3 YF-12 interceptors, installed in 3 bases, one on the East coast, one in central US, and one on the West Coast to cover the whole country.
They would have to be on 24 hour alert, of course.

Maybe there is something new Mach 3, but, it is certainly not a fighter. Or if it is, they can't use it... because the response time/maintenance/pre-flight technical preparation takes just too long....

(now that i think about it, the SR-71 pilots had to breath pure oxygen during something like 30 minutes or more to purge nitrogen out of their system (not even including all the other medical pre-flight checks) before they could even take off...)
So... quick response time Mach 3 interceptors....?

I don't think so...

Fuel Fraction.


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