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Message posted by Magoo on May 01, 2002 at 0:14:12 PST:

The YF-12A concept was designed to defeat the Soviet bomber threat of the late 1950ís and early 1960ís; not a bunch of crazed hijackers flying civilian airliners.

Basing the F-12Bs in Canada, Alaska and the north east would have been designed to defeat hoards of Soviet bombers crossing the North Pole, North Atlantic and Bering Sea that were detected by early warning sites based in Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, and on ships, not hijacked civilian airliners flying out of US airports. They were armed with four missiles that could theoretically carry a nuclear warhead that could knock out a whole formation of bombers.

The F-15 and F-14 are both capable of Mach 2.5 in a dash, the F-16 Mach 2, and the F/A-18 Mach 1.8. A wing of fighters with 1 more Mach would not have prevented what occurred on September 11!

99 times out of 100, speed will not mean the difference between winning and losing an air-to-air battle. Crew training, sensor and weapons capabilities, manoeuvrability, and tactics are what make a good fighter.


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