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Message posted by willy nammer on May 01, 2002 at 12:50:57 PST:

Fuel Fraction, Hey:

The USAF developed a full-pressure (modified from that of the Space Shuttle suit) suit, presurized @ 8-psi. With this suit, pre-breathe is no longer necessary. As for there not being a "Mach 3 fighter (or intercepter)" or something like it; well the mystery aircraft seen in 1995 near "Hangar 18" is just the right size for what Lockheed proposed in 1981 to the USAF in its initial ATF proposals. The aircraft would cruise at Mach 2.8, fly all its mission(s) above 50,000-feet, and weigh 116,000-pounds +. One retired Air Force general nick-named this beast a "battlecruiser." My personal nick-name (since it was proposed by Lockheed) for is "Battle Star." Did this aircraft fly? Well in the black world of things, it probably did, and has something to do with "Bright Star." The aircraft wouldn't have to be maneuverable
but rather, and employing the look-down shoot-down, mode, could cruise out of harm's way, and literally pick off almost anything it could detect.


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