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Message posted by Gregos on July 16, 2018 at 13:47:57 PST:

The loose shale is murder -one step forward, two steps sliding back!

Let me say if you're doing the trip solo, you need to be in pretty good shape. I remember lugging my C90 MAK scope up in a ALICE pack. With water, a small bit of food and all the kit, the ruck weighted in around 65lbs (my tent was already up there with other useful kit in a cache)! Plus I was carrying the heavy duty tripod in it's bag with some extra water. The 1st part of the hike was absolute murder! I recommend recruiting a few friends as "Sherpas!" Or since no one is usually there, do two trips up leaving water and less valuable kit up there on the 1st. You'll need to shoot your photos in the early morning before the heat distorts the image later in the day. So an overnight camp on top is kind of a must, plus night time looking at the base is really exciting. No water up there and you'll a bunch in summer. I remember taking a bunch of 1.5L bottles and dropping some along the way for the return trip and to lighten the load, etc.

Good hunting!

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