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Message posted by Roger M. on July 23, 2018 at 7:39:26 PST:

Well, it's actually mirrorless gentlemen - there's no mirror to lock up, or to shake.

With 5 stops of image stabilization, AND with multiple ED glass elements in the lens.

Not only do the abysmal optics of the Celestron C5 NOT reach 3000mm, they don't even begin to equal Nikons ED glass elements featured in this lens (the Celestron is a mirror lens after all, the worst of the worst of camera lens "types").

And with 5 stops of optical stabilization, you'll hand hold 3000mm no problem.

Your next best bet would be a full frame camera (5D) with a 800mm lens and a doubler ... but that would only reach 1600mm (half this new Nikon) and would cost around $18,000.00 for the package.

This new Nikon is a no brainer for affordable aircraft photography when the reach of 3000mm gets you where you otherwise can't get.

If Steve Douglass or Dean Muskett had one of these Nikons in their hands when the flying "pizza wedge" flew over Amarillo, I guarantee we'd know a lot more than we do now from the photos they took!

I now shoot a Canon 6D with the 100-400L lens and a doubler ... but I'll be picking this new Nikon up as soon as it's available.
I'll report back on whether it's a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down".

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