Re: why no extraterrestrial activity at area 51

Message posted by Michael on May 16, 2016 at 22:56:38 PST:

I just wonder why there are so many older guys (former area 51 workers) claiming the same crap about S4 and aliens on youtube, and why workers I've seen at Groom Lake Rd covering their faces when driving out of Area 51 (with the small van/bus transporting workers) if it was just top secret army stuff like spyplanes they wouldn't do that (I wonder if they experiment still with nuclear shit at this base or any other genetic tests?....lazar claimed that S4 was top secret with immense security so even if there is this ominous S4 existing I doubt that the workers who work or worked at the actual base would know his name. what's about george knapp didn't he do some research at los alamos and found out that lazar actually worked there?

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