Re: why no extraterrestrial activity at area 51

Message posted by Peter Merlin on May 17, 2016 at 8:56:09 PST:

I have never heard of any actual former Area 51 workers making UFO/alien claims. Thousands of people have worked at Groom Lake over the years, and it is easy to find and speak with many of them, representing a wide cross section of government/military/industry types with job specialties ranging from janitor to base commander. So far, none of those that I have spoken with have ever confirmed any UFO rumors.

People who actively work in classified programs are supposed to remain anonymous. They don't tell their friends and families about their work, and they do not want to have their pictures taken when they are entering or leaving a classified facility. If their identities are exposed, then it might be possible for a foreign agent to compromise them. That is why they cover their faces.

Just because Lazar worked at Los Alamos as a contractor doesn't make him a nuclear physicist. Working as a contractor for NASA didn't make me a rocket scientist. Lazar's documented educational background does not appear to support his claims either. There is no way for the government or anyone else to completely erase his records.

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