Re: Nellis Range Security

Message posted by Tom on February 19, 2002 at 20:18:31 PST:

The following is informed speculation (i.e., my opinion)

The westerly portion of the Nellis Range is extremely porous. You can literally
wander around for days without coming across anyone, especially
in the northern portions. Security at the NTS gets ramped up
whenever there is Pu on the premises, but otherwise loose.
Recall that Jerry Freeman on his first jaunt wandered through
Area 27, right through the Pu storage area, which should have been
the most secure spot on the NTS.

In some remote areas of the NTS, radio linked cameras have been
placed, but I don't know if they are still active. I think they had to
do with monitoring for anti-nuke protestors.

North and Southeast of the NTS is equally open, but a real risk of
coming across unexploded munitions or even crossing live fire areas.
Entry from the Desert Wildlife Range is certainly possible (there is an
interesting dirt road that runs north along the east edge of the Nellis

It's my opinion that security around Groom is over inflated. I think the boys
there enjoy the reputation the place has of mysterious sensors, which
serves as a deterrent for the vast bulk of yahoos out there. I think it's
highly likely that a serious, well trained individual (special ops type) could
get fairly close to the facility. Again, just my opinion. I also think the west
side is much looser than the east side.

Now all that said, you have to ask yourself are there any payoffs to be found to
offset the very substantial physical and legal risk one would run
to do such a thing? To my mind, there's nothing there to justify it.


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