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Message posted by Zack on February 19, 2002 at 23:22:37 PST:

Thanks for the replys.

The Jerry Freman article was pretty interesting, and pretty much answered my question of weather anyone could "walk on" parts of the Nellis Range.

I'm in no way thinking about trying it myself, (I'm not that crazy) but was wondering "if" it could be done, and or if anyone had tried. If I was to "get a wild hair" and try anything, it wouldn't really be in Area-51 or the NTS.. but rather something like the so called "Korean Air Field" area or some such that would peak my interest.

One thing though, in Freman's article, he makes mention of "wild stories" of people who have tried to trek overland to Area-51 (I sort of read it that way...could be wrong) and have "never been seen again"...

Question, have many people "vanished" trying to enter that area?

I would imagen that *if* many have "never-come-back" it would no doubt be due to the desert it self and not summery-executing Cammo Guy's.

I have spent a bit of time in the high deserts of the West, and do know she can be a harsh mistress at times.


Zack C.

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