Nellis Range Security

Message posted by Zack on February 19, 2002 at 12:23:15 PST:

Hello All,

From the reading I've done on this site and others, I understand that the security around the "Area-51" portion of the Nellis Bombing Range is very tight.

My question is, dose anyone know what the parimeter security is like on the rest of the Nellis Range?

For instance, could some enterpriseing soul (or crazy) decide to pack in to Area-51 via the National Wildhorse Management Area? (I'm talking *real* pack trip here not a "day" adventure)

Or how about the Hwy 95 (Scotty's Junction) Area?...any Cammo Dudes seen patroling there?

Does anyone know if security on the western side of Groom Lake is as high as the eastern Hwy 375 side ?

Just wondering....really ;-)

Zack C.


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