Re: The Challenge of Transporting the A-12s to Area 51

Message posted by greatguess on April 05, 2013 at 17:43:36 PST:

Great link, great story. I think an even more interesting story might be how he was able to take the pictures and keep them for all those years without the security folks permission. Most pictures like this have their original classifications scratched through and declassification authority annotated on them if they are ever declassified. The lack of that information on the pictures would lead me to guess that these were not "official". Back in those days you had to process the film and make prints in a photo lab environment; today you just "have" the picture after you take it with no more effort so it would be much easier now to take "unofficial" pictures. It's a shame that most of this level of history usually ends up destroyed by the "system" and never sees the light of day.

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