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Message posted by Mark Lincoln on July 28, 2011 at 20:31:36 PST:

Rigging the results. A Step-by-Step primer.

Step 1. release a specification that the prototype will be required to demonstrate the final aircraft will be able to be manufactured by advanced techniques required at cost and on time.

Step 2. Require the designated loser to use the manufacturing technology that will be necessary to achieve the goals of the program.

Step 3. Allow the politically connected firm building the YF-22 and XF-35 to use different, older, and well understood technology, to produce their 'prototypes' without any compensation for their utter inability to meet requirement that their competitor was required to meet (and fell short of).

Step 4. Observe that the competitor who was required to comply with the proof of concept construction was over-weight and therefore the winner must be the company which was allowed to build it's prototype by conventional means, though the production item would be required to use composite structures extensively.

Step 5. Spend billions to allow the 'winner' which never had to prove it could produce the plane by new means to develop the aircraft. Nor should it be held to the results of the increases in weight caused by trying to fulfill the conditions which the Designated Loser had to try- and failed - to fulfill.

Step 6. Accept 1/2 or so the number of final aircraft which came in far heavier, later, and far over cost than would have been the case had the firm which was forced to comply with the structural and manufacturing demands in their prototypes been awarded the contract.

Step 7. Go to work for Lockheed, double dip on your retirement. Just screw the tax-payers of the United States.

Or, (for politicians): Step 8. Collect $200 dollars in campaign contributions and do not go to jail. Meanwhile uncontrolled and uncontrollable corporate PACs get you re-elected so you can sell out the United States to your owners once again.

Great game, the only losers are the rest of us.

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