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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on July 30, 2011 at 16:54:16 PST:

All true. Our defense expenditures need to be well-planned and executed. However, we still can never predict where our next war will be. After WWII we envisioned thousands of Russian tanks coming through the Fulda gap; instead we got Vietnam. After Vietnam we geared up for jungle counterinsurgency; instead we got Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. However the lessons learned from Linebacker I and II gave us the club to beat the Iraqis - twice, so it was not ALL in vain!

Now we are chasing an enemy that is both stateless and no-tech. The real question is how much money do we invest in higher, better and more expensive technology when our losses are from radical roadside bombers? Tough call, but A LOT of our success in defeating the terrorists in the Sandpile and Rockpit is due to the UAV technology that keeps tabs on the countryside 24/7 and we still have nuclear capable enemies like Iran, North Korea, China and Pakistan that may need answering one day.

I do wonder though, how the F-107 would have fared in the role the Thud played in Vietnam. What do you think?

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