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Message posted by Joe on May 30, 2011 at 16:06:01 PST:

Joerg (and all),

Was/is Alfred O’Donnell a member of the Roadrunners?

If so, how to they explain/react to his comments?

Even if Jacobsen was just repeating that story, rather than making it up whole cloth while pretending to have an anonymous source (which was my first impression), her credentials as a "journalist" remain suspect in the absence of (apparently) any real vetting or corroboration.

I gather all but about a half-dozen pages of the book however is reasonable, legit, Roswell-free history? If that's the case, I'm inclined to read it after all now.

And if Alfred O’Donnell is legit, I've got to wonder why he would tell such a story; if it began with him and/or if he's repeating something he first heard from someone else . . .

And I agree with the author of the article at the link you just posted when he asked, If the Russians made this for an Alien Hoax, why would it have any Cyrillic writing on it?!?!

Just bizarre . . .


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