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Message posted by dannywho on June 05, 2011 at 21:21:43 PST:

I am puzzled, am I the only one. I am seeing somewhat very different posts on the web from Roadrunners that say they are quite hurt by the confidences that were gained, given and now thrown into their faces by Annie Jacobsen. Then sometimes in the same article they say that the book is worth reading. So I am quite confused.
What are the Roadrunners trying to say. Are they caught in some way between a rock and hard place.

I am adding the following to this post, it is a statement that I have made on another site.

"have you or any of the other sources that Annie Jacobsen used for her book thought to officially distance yourselves from her and Little Brown. I am suggesting that either the Roadrunners and or those that the said author got close to, put out a joint press release / press conference to distance / discredit / correct her and her publisher. I feel that since she has used all of you for her gain and that you are willing and able to tell the stories of the cold war and Area 51, that it is you and the others that actually worked there should be telling this story and taking the press away from her."

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