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Message posted by Peter Merlin on May 31, 2011 at 20:16:09 PST:

The author told Earl Swift of Popular Mechanics magazine, “I absolutely stand by the veracity of what he [the anonymous source] told me, which is that something did crash in New Mexico; it was taken to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base; and then in 1951, it was transported to the Nevada desert. Hence, that is why Area 51 has the name Area 51.”

Like other elements of the story, this does not withstand scrutiny. Jacobsen’s logic falls flat upon examination. One has only to study some of the other “Areas” in Nevada that were also designated by the AEC/DOE.

For example, Area 52 (Tonopah Test Range) was established in 1956.

Area 11 was used for a series of nuclear safety experiments called Project 56 took in 1956.

Area 13, just northwest of Groom Lake, was established in 1957 for the sole purpose of conducting the Project 57 safety experiment.

Although the boundaries of the Groom Lake test site were established when it was built in 1955, it was not designated Area 51 until the 38,400-acre block of land was formally added to the atomic proving ground in June 1958.

Finally, Area 58 (Central Nevada Test Area) was established in 1967.

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