Re: This just really pisses me off!

Message posted by RickB on May 12, 2011 at 14:51:48 PST:

Your point is well taken.

Stealth secrets lost to the international community after the F-117 was shot down in Bosnia unfortunately was much more severe than anything that may have been recovered with the helo at the compound. Based on the available information along with all the current aviation commentary, much of this technology is mature and is presumed to be well known by military aircraft techs in many parts of the world. Various designs for unusual stealth helos have also been studied and avialable for many years.

What is bugging me is that networks like CNN and many others are playing up this stealth helicopter news as though we have given up a trove of secret information(!!), which I don't believe to be true. Did anyone see CNN 7:00 last night? I just about puked while hearing the comments that some bozo was making on the whole helo incident and all the top secrets and classified information that we had let fall into our enemies hands.

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