Re: This just really pisses me off!

Message posted by Robert on May 12, 2011 at 14:18:55 PST:

Maybe an airstike might not have been a bad idea. After the F117 was shot down, many secrets regarding its technology were learned. It is commonly known that technological advances were made by China and Russia after that crash. As for us being worried about women and children being in the compound, that is just plain foolish on there part. In my book, it is not a real good idea to "hang out" with the World's most wanted man either when he was in the compound of shortly after. Nothing mentioned above should lead anybody into some wild conspiracy. The individual was just throwing out some thoughts. Nothing wrong with that. I would imagine there are a few people around this forum that are tired of the rest of the World copying our technology! Maybe there was no big secret that could be ascertained from that tail section. I hope not. I would have liked the entire helicopter to be destroyed.

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