Re: This just really pisses me off!

Message posted by Roadeye on May 13, 2011 at 13:24:13 PST:

What you say with regards to the media is often very true, especially in the United States where the main focus seems to constantly be on being first, rather than accurate.
However, the governments, on both sides of this issue cannot and must not be let off the hook here.
Governments all over the world have proven themselves to be liars, over and over again throughout history,
True, one can make the case that it's often in the name of "national security" or something else along that line...yet even considering that, we must never accept anything they tell us or anyone else for that matter at face value...only a fool would think there's never an underlying agenda somewhere no matter what the subject.

"Occam's razor is your friend - apply it before suggesting that events have all unfolded according to an intricate web of government deceit." so at your own risk in this day and age.

Remember this about Occam's razor:
When it's applied by a man walking in the middle of a desert all by himself contemplating the shape of the Earth...the simplest and least complicated solution for him to come to is that the world is flat.

Just my two cents.

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