Re: "Today... The sun never sets on American territory"

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on March 23, 2011 at 14:59:13 PST:

Yes, America exports fame. Movies, music and TV have replaced solid goods and manufacturing expertise. Instead of being able to mine, refine, forge, machine and export world-class steel products of any size we send the world Cameron's anti-capitalism and anti-military Avatar. Our last bastion of supremacy, our military (including our vast stockpile of nukes) is being dissected to fund liberal programs (like healthcare) but Glee is worldwide!

The Chinese keep their eye on the endgame and do not pay much attention to the short term interruptions. They ignored the world's outcry over Tienanmen Square (you know when they squashed their own people under the treads of their tanks)and the media used to a short-attention span audience,...hey look a squirrel...lost interest and history has already forgotten that atrocity.

China has never seen America as more than a flash in the pan; they know that if they just keep plodding along we will deliver our wealth, freedoms and technology to their doorstep. They are not our friends, they are not our trading partners; the Chinese are a combination of a landlord, a banker just waiting to foreclose and a reconstruction carpetbagger just waiting to swoop in to pick our bones clean.

Yes, America is great and has done great things. If only we were allowed to be prideful of our success without being forced to be self-demeaning over sins of the past. Why can't we be as concerned about protecting our heritage, economy and culture without it being anti-PC? China does but for some reason we can't! We are trying our best to destroy capitalism and they don't mind a bit, but hold more and more of our debt.

China will not take away our greatness; they will scoop it up off the ground after we throw it away.

You asked for an opinion and you got mine.

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