Re: "Today... The sun never sets on American territory"

Message posted by jwolfe on March 24, 2011 at 15:06:06 PST:

If we wish to maintain a competitive edge there are things I think that need to be addressed.

I admit I do have some concerns with issues with Taiwan that may surface between China and United States in a couple years. Do we even have anything that can counter their anti ship ballistic missile?

An issue with China that turns into armed conflict would be extremely bad news for us. Most wars eventually turn into ground wars, and China has at least several times the population we have. My hunch is that our special forces would be up to the task, but their overwhelming numbers would give us an overall disadvantage in this area.

I know there are views on both sides, but there are other areas that may be of concern too. Our companies seem all too willing to move branches to foreign countries just to save a few dollars. Another problem would be businesses working with our military selling the same technology to China, just because of some new or expanding market there.

Our military seems all too willing to train foreigners, only to have them use that against us some way, some form in the future.

Realistically the only way a conflict with China would come up would be through Taiwan, or China asking us to pay our debt to them. However, I think we can maintain a competitive edge by finding some way to address at least some issues I mentioned.

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