Re: Anyone thinking of going to Groomlake Road please read.!

Message posted by Robert on July 20, 2010 at 12:43:02 PST:

I have been down both roads many times. The "cammo dudes" have always copied license plates down and logged that info. They have very limited powers. I am sure they could look up the info from a plate if it was necessary or have the Lincoln County Sheriffs do it, but it definitely is not standard procedure to look up info on people. There is no way that going down GLR resulted in the IRS bill for back taxes. No chance of that! Plenty of people go down both GLR and and check out the Rachel Gate without incident. The "cammo dudes" are not swore PEACE officers so I doubt they are doing anything more than logging in the info. Some of there equipment is not exactly state of the art by any means. The back gate at Rachel uses a Home Depot driveway monitor strapped to the fence! The days when the "cammo dudes" took things a little too far are long over with. Anybody who reads the signs and knows where they are at all times can have a perfectly fine experience out there. No problem!

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