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Message posted by Gregos on September 12, 2009 at 1:27:36 PST:

Hi 9th life,

Please explain the AirNav radar box. Is that anything like the SBS-1 Virtual Radar? Any luck with it and scanners? I had mine tuned once again to 259.700 but only heard one call a minute or so before the sonic boom - "Kevin, we need to get our covers on." Or something close to that. After that nada. How about you???

Anyway, I shot these with just a 70-210 telephoto lens from HWY 58 and 20 MuleTeam Rd Exit. To my horror, I forgot to pack my cable release so my spotting scope was pretty much useless. Blurry due to touching the camera. However, a lot of kids came by to look thru it though. That made my day as that was the whole point of this post. Teach the kids, they are America's only hope.

There are now only 6 more missions left...

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