Re: O.T. Discovery STS-128

Message posted by 9th life on September 13, 2009 at 9:35:06 PST:

Hi Gregos. Your shuttle shots are very cool. 54th landing at Edwards. Not many more.
The AirNav Radar box works the same as the SBS1. They receive Mode S and/or ACARS I think. As far as MDCS devices go this is a 10. We live near Yosemite at 3000 feet and have good radio coverage to the South and East. On my scanners I hear fighters out of Lemore calling Joshua for clearence to the MOA and one F16 mentioned a Notam for the shuttle landing but I didn't hear any shuttle comms or log anything on the box. Settled for Tivoing the NASA channel. I have logged 7 different U2s out of Beale(?), E3 and E3B Sentry and some Reach flights into Travis. Hun says I need a radio room.

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