Re: O.T. Discovery STS-128

Message posted by Gregos on September 13, 2009 at 10:21:09 PST:

Yosemite nice. Can you adopt me as your son? Lol.

When I got back from KEDW I looked up the AirNav box. It's about the same price as the SBS-1 virtual Radar except it looks like you need to subscribe to a monthly service as well? Does that mean you always need to be plugged into the internet? I don't know if the SBS-1 works the same way. But if my memory is correct, Lonewolf had one (SBS-1) out at Tonopah last year when the last (4) F-117s landed. He had all his kit powered off of car batteries out of the back of his SUV. Maybe we should start another thread on the virtual radar. Xmas is right around the corner you know! Thanks for the reply.

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