Re: Air Force conducted gravity surveys near 51 in early 80's

Message posted by Dave on December 09, 2008 at 14:50:52 PST:

I'm surprised by your post.

1. Snide, emotional, negative comments degrade the open exchange of information in an open forum. Yours are no different. Your gravity comment is only one example of this from your post.

2. I can reserve any opinion I wish. This does not justify a rude personal attack on me if it is different than yours.

3. A degree in physics is not needed to realize that gravity and magnetism are forces that might be manipulated. If you have one, congratulations on a significant accomplishment. Please remember that it does not constitute a license to dismiss the thoughts of someone who does not have one.

4. You attack me for agreeing with you. This is not rational. I specifically said that it should be easier to manipulate gravity and magnetism than it is to sustain a fission or thermonuclear reaction. Mr. Einstein got the physics right; you got my statement wrong. If you must attack what I say, make sure that you don't attack what you assume.

5. You should not care whether I'm a physicist or not. The ideas that I communicate should be judged on their own merits. This discussion forum should not degrade into a personal battle of egos, such as a contest of who has the best University degree.

6. You say that you suspect that I say or express ideas about past technical accomplishments or secret research that I never said. These are irrational assumptions about what I do or don't believe. Such unfounded assumptions are usually wrong, and specifically are in this case.

7. Your categorizing my comments as like what results from learning scientific information from YouTube videos is either another irrational assumption, or simply a rude insult. In either case, the comment is not appropriate for an open communication forum.

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