Re: Air Force conducted gravity surveys near 51 in early 80's

Message posted by Roadeye on December 10, 2008 at 10:13:04 PST:


Please allow me to add a hearty "Hear! Hear!" to this post of yours.
The reason being that it, and the post it replies to, points very obviously at something I've come to notice on many boards like this.
Although I hasten to add that on this board, the moderators and most of the regular posters tend to be extremely open minded and fair when it comes to dealing with posts they may or may not agree with.
But what I've noticed is this:

More often than not when an argument or disagreement ensues it usually, almost imediately, in nearly every case comes down to the fact that someone who has posted something has provided some information or even asked a question that somehow challenges the ego of some resident self professed expert who finds the need to imediately jump on and redicule the post and the poster before the topic evolves into something that the "ego" may not be equipped to take a starring role in.
How unfortunate.

It is particularly understandable though when you consider that some of the "egos" around this topic of discussion often suplement their incomes by farming themselves out as consultants or even interview subjects to paying production companies or media outlets who are busy looking for someone to talk about black projects, ufo sightings, high tech aircraft...whatever.
So it is in the "egos" best interest to downplay and ridicule anybody who may bring forth a topic or idea that may end up costing the "ego" the few extra bucks they get from being "Knowlegable on the subject", what ever that subject may be.
Take heart Dave.
There are still plenty of us out here who have open minds and who are more than willing to hear and discuss new and different ideas.
I enjoyed reading your post and hope to see more from you.
Just my two cents...



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