Re: Air Force conducted gravity surveys near 51 in early 80's

Message posted by Andreas Parsch on December 09, 2008 at 3:13:15 PST:

Magnetism isn't hard to control. With electromagnets you can create magnetic fields at will - limited only by the available power :-).

> Why should something as well known for as long as
> [...] gravity be harder to control?

Maybe because the latest, and _very_ well-tested, scientific theory of gravity[*] says so?!

> I'm still remaining sceptical.

Why? Did you do professional(!) research into classical and/or quantum gravity? Have you found loopholes and/or flaws in Einstein's equations?

I'd be glad to hear that you are a physicist who knows what he's talking about :-).

If not, I suspect that you are only one more person, who says "We have achieved way in the past, so I don't believe that by now we haven't achieved as well - given all the time and money that goes into "black" research!" (with disturbingly often being anti-gravity :-\ ) without having the necessary background knowledge about the relative difficulty of and .

Sorry if this comes across as a rant ;-), but I have too often heard things like "I don't believe what the scientists say" from people, who got their entire scientific "education" from YouTube videos :-(.

[*]General Theory of Relativity, of course ;-).

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